Dietrich was established in the summer of 2008 by Frederika Cook to create a new niche in the lingerie industry that would fundamentally draw inspiration from haute couture, veteran design houses and old Hollywood glamour creating an image different to the two dominate influences of the lingerie industry, simplistic foundation garments and the 1950's boudoir look. The Dietrich look is designed to take a woman seamlessly from day to night without ever forgetting fit, form and comfort and never compromising one for another. The Dietrich look is created for the modern woman who is herself a juxtaposition: she can be naughty but nice, powerful yet vulnerable, emotional but strong. The look is feminine, uncluttered, elegant, luxurious and meticulously crafted to hint at the desire for something more creative, more whimsical and ultimately avant-garde.

Strumpet & Pink

Strumpet & PinkStrumpet & PinkStrumpet & PinkStrumpet & PinkStrumpet & PinkStrumpet & Pink

Strumpet & Pink create knickers that are a complete concept. Exploring a woman's sensuality and sexuality and making manifest her desires and fantasies, combining concept, innovation and beauty. Our knickers are experiential and focus on feeling rather than objectification. Each pair is handmade with exquisite attention to detail, combining pure silk fabrics and cut on the bias in such a way as to accentuate the whole figure, tracing and disclosing the female form.

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Wear Afterwear and feel the sensation of wellness and feminine luxury after bed; after bath; after work... it’s underwear that’s too good to hide.


Fleur of England

Fleur of EnglandFleur of EnglandFleur of EnglandFleur of EnglandFleur of EnglandFleur of England

Fleur of England is an exclusive design house, bringing luxurious fabrics, beautiful styling and exceptional fit to British lingerie.

Ophelia Fancy

Ophelia FancyOphelia FancyOphelia FancyOphelia FancyOphelia FancyOphelia Fancy

Essex girls Stevi and Em founded Ophelia Fancy back in 2005 and have been terrorizing the shores of sunny Brighton with their quirky double-act ever since. During this period they have successfully decked out the most extraordinary client list ranging from Fern Britton to The Horrors, with their bespoke and inspired revivalist collections.



Introducing Alöe, a unique and exciting luxury silk loungewear label. Elegant, yet sexy, comfortable and yet glamorous, Alöe provides the stylish alternative to traditional loungewear and sleepwear and can be worn both in or outside the home.

Marlies Dekkers

Marlies DekkersMarlies DekkersMarlies DekkersMarlies DekkersMarlies DekkersMarlies Dekkers

Dutch designer Marlies Dekkers early dream was to design lingerie in which women could feel beautiful and seductive, but at the same time powerful and independent. She has persisted through the years to achieve this goal; designing her sort of lingerie: strong, sexy, self-aware and with a perfect fit.

Princesse tam.tam

Princesse tam.tamPrincesse tam.tamPrincesse tam.tamPrincesse tam.tamPrincesse tam.tamPrincesse tam.tam

This is silk. That is lace. Lightness, a great look and freedom. This is a summary of the Princesse tam.tam point of view, succinctly put. Princesse tam.tam creates lingerie made by women for women. A personal treat and affordable luxury.


Made By Niki

Made By NikiMade By NikiMade By NikiMade By NikiMade By NikiMade By Niki

Your lingerie needs to be functional, visionary, necessary and stylish. We want to reinvent the classics and make you feel fantastic whether at home, at work or at play. Every season we extend our range and offer more solutions to women worldwide.

Andres Sarda

Andres SardaAndres SardaAndres SardaAndres SardaAndres SardaAndres Sarda

Spanish lingerie designer Andres Sarda attempts to give women the pleasure of feeling, in their intimacy, the sensation of being wrapped up by beautiful, flattering fashion. He wants to give them the power to feel attractive and confident to help them experience being dominant in a severe world.




The ubiquitous trademark Bow knicker with its sexy bottom cleavage and flowing silk tails sums the image of Damaris, cheeky and seductive but not gratuitously sexy. 

Mimi Holliday

Mimi HollidayMimi HollidayMimi HollidayMimi HollidayMimi HollidayMimi Holliday

[Mimi Holliday] is a more wearable version of Damaris, using some subtle mainline twists - like a hint of bottom cleavage or a mini corset detail - but at more affordable prices. Those who wear mainline have Mimi for their daywear, and those who cannot stretch to Damaris tend to wear Mimi as their special lingerie.

Lasvicious Lingerie

Lasvicious LingerieLasvicious LingerieLasvicious LingerieLasvicious LingerieLasvicious LingerieLasvicious Lingerie

Founded in 2004 by Creative director Chloe Hamblen, Lascivious is the first and last word in experimental, directional luxury lingerie... Fast forward to 2009 and Lascivious has evolved into a brand synonomous with cutting edge ideas and desirability, featuring high upon the wishlists of men and women wanting fun and unique lingerie with which to empower and seduce.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartneyStella McCartneyStella McCartneyStella McCartneyStella McCartneyStella McCartney

Stella McCartney launched her eponymous label in 2001 as a joint venture with Gucci Group. The brand’s luxury ready-to-wear, shoes, bags, fragrances, eyewear, accessories, organic skin care range and performance range with Adidas are available through its acclaimed flagship stores and around 600 luxury stores in key cities worldwide.

Coco de Mer

Coco de MerCoco de MerCoco de MerCoco de MerCoco de MerCoco de Mer

When explorers of the past moored on the distant shores of the Seychelles, they believed they had fallen upon the Forbidden Fruit in the biblical Garden of Eden. Scattered on the tropical beaches were palm seeds that unmistakably mirrored the front and bottom area of the female pelvis, thus reminding them of what they were missing at home.

They had chanced upon the Coco de Mer seed, the seed of the sea, a quite extraordinary palm seed only found on two islands in the Seychelles. It is the largest seed in the world, weighing up to 40 pounds! The Coco de Mer is rare, precious and protected, and a perfect representation of the beautiful sculpture that is the female form.

That is why the Coco de Mer seed is our source of inspiration. By choosing this strange seed of the sea as our symbol, we join in natures celebration of all that is erotic, sensual and beautiful. The Coco de Mer seed is natures warm witty take on human prudishness, designed for the sole purpose of making us blush...

Letters of Marquee

Letters of MarqueeLetters of MarqueeLetters of MarqueeLetters of MarqueeLetters of MarqueeLetters of Marquee

Letters Of Marque Lingerie is a collection of luxurious, refined and romantic custom designed signatory pieces, all woven with extraordinary, rare, French and English Leavers lace. This debut collection is the creative vision of veteran actress and beauty, Stacey Dash.